Team4Code wants to offer its customers the experience of having their own dedicated team. We facilitate the entire process from recruitment and selection to retention. The cooperation between the professional and the product owner/client is paramount.

From our experience, we can also assist customers with advice and assistance with optimizing development processes. We can help on a consultancy basis with business analysis, IT-architecture and Agile coaching. But we can also help you with sourcing Product Owners or Scrum masters.

You are in control

Our working method is completely transparent. That is why we do not work with hourly rates, but with salaries and a facility fee. Our contracts provide certainty with regard to team control, while also providing flexibility when needed. In this way, we give our customers control over their own team and development process. Our vision that doing so we offer the best of both worlds, both for our professionals as for our customers.

Whats in a name

The brackets represent the code that we make.

The links form a chain that symbolises the collaboration between us and the client.

The people in our company make a strong team, they have a passion for making software and share the same values.

Our roots

Team4Code originated from the development team of Phoundry Online Agency, a Dutch company that mainly makes web software for B2B companies. The Kyiv team worked exclusively for Phoundry’s customers, but wanted to have the opportunity to work for other customers and with new technologies.

Expert by experience

The Dutch owner of Phoundry had experience working with remote teams since 2009. The first 4 years as CEO of software house Marviq that purchased additional capacity from off- and nearshoring companies. He continued to do this at Phoundry.  In 2017 it was decided to set up a company in Kyiv. The reason for starting up their own team was the need to better involve developers in the Phoundry organization. Phoundry ended the Dutch development activities and was therefore depending on the knowledge built up in the Kyiv team.

Involvement starts with involving

Instead of focusing on making as many billable hours as possible, developers could now focus entirely on achieving goals together. By attracting the right specialists and giving them confidence and responsibility, an inspiring working environment was created and better results were achieved.

Dutch headquarters

When the team came up with the request to also serve other customers, the choice was made to separate the company from Phoundry under the name Team4Code. Team4Code is headquartered in the Netherlands, the main development center is located in Kyiv.

Our values

TrustResponsibilityCompetencePersonal & Positive

It is important to give confidence and room for the initiative to bring out the best in professionals. We ask that trust of our customers, and we do everything we can to not betray that trust.

The predictability of a project depends to a great extent on the integrity of the people who realise it. That is why we make an effort to be consistent and responsible in our actions, values, methods, measures and principles. We value transparency, truthfulness and accuracy in all our actions. Doing so we strive to create realistic expectations and we are transparent about the process and the outcomes. As a team, we are motivated by personal development and authentic leadership.


If you are part of a good team, you know that your colleagues depend on you. It is a great inspiration and responsibility for our specialists to work together, in a close-knit team, for a common goal. To be able to rely on each other and to be successful together.

Every professional who works in a customer’s team via Team4Code understands and appreciates the trust he has received. We are proud of that and work hard to contribute to our customers ‘business goals’.


At Team4Code we select specialists who have the knowledge and skills to contribute successfully to our customers’ business.

Just as important as knowledge and experience are the vision of the own functioning within the customer team and the attitude to be successful together.

For us, competence is getting things done. Taking the responsibility, bringing your best to the table in terms of creativity, dedication and perseverance.

Personal & Positive

We see the relationship with our colleagues and our customers as the starting point for our actions. Meaningful work gets its meaning not only through the result it produces for society, but especially through working together on common goals. A positive attitude towards each other and a strong belief in the good intention of all stakeholders is our point of departure.

You need each other to be successful as a team.
Team4Code aims to connect and facilitate developers and customers, to be successful together.