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Team4Code was founded by the owners of Phoundry Digital Agency. Phoundry didn’t have enough software development capacity in Netherlands and therefore decided to built a team in Ukraine. After almost 10 years working with Ukranian specialist the decision was made to offer the same services to other companies with a need for experienced software developers. 

 Today Team4Code is an independent Nearshoring Agency with sales a Delivery Center in Ukraine and sales agencies in the Netherlands and the USA.



Maria Mazur

Sales Representative for the Netherlands

Maria started her carreer as a Quality Specialist in Ukraine. She has worked for several years for our first customer, Phoundry Digital Agency. Since 2019 Maria is responsible for the Dutch market. She works from the office in Leusden where you can reach her.

+31 88 730 6200

Your reliable outsourcing partner

Custom business software forms an integral and distinctive part of business operations. Therefore, a strong trust base is needed to decide for outsourcing. Communication is one of the most critical aspects of any IT-project. The physical and cultural distance between the home organisation and the nearshoring location is an extra challenge that can make offshore development difficult to execute effectively. Team4Code specializes in bridging this distance.

What our clients tell about us

“Our international website and webshop are an important channel for communication and doing business with our customers. Our online presence is also important for our new business activities. The environment was build using PHP code. The last update had been version 5.6. After the recent release of PhP 7.3 our environment was no longer secure. To upgrade all of this was quite a challenge.  Team4Code energetically embarked on this project and made sure that our online environment is safe and reliable again.”

Product Manager
Leading manufacturer of sorting, packaging and processing equipment in the egg industry

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