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Shortage of good specialists

The IT industry is among the fastest growing industries. It facilitates digitization in other sectors. The largest customers in the sector are business services, the financial sector, media, telecom and trade. The IT sector also bears the “fourth industrial revolution” that is accompanied by new developments such as 3D printing, Virtual Reality, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

 Within the industry, the “fourth industrial revolution” is underway with new developments such as 3D printing, Virtual Reality, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Digitization is also leading to new developments such as the legislation that has been introduced in the field of cyber security and privacy. To comply with this, companies invest in measures to adjust their business operations to the latest developments.

IT is knowledge intensive; the vast majority of employees in the IT sector are highly educated. That is therefore also an important bottleneck. The sector has a structural shortage of well-trained specialists. Team4Code focuses on making good specialists available and therefore serves the IT sector.

 ​Team4Code makes experienced developers available

Shortage of well-educated specialists

One of the major challenges for the IT sector is the lack of well-trained staff. The supply from the technical courses lags behind the demand for employees. That problem will not be solved in the coming years. One of the solutions to meet the demand for highly trained IT professionals is to look for them abroad.

The refreshing approach of Team4Code
Good teams make good software. That is one of the most important principles of the Team4Code approach. That is also what we offer our customers. We do not open a can of programmers to order, but deliver dedicated teams that feel involved with your company.

We have our own delivery centers in Eastern Europe. There we offer experienced professionals who are passionate about software development, eager to learn and involved. Every employee has a command of the English language, and we also have local management that monitors the course of events at the office and ensures open communication with the customer.

Why choose Team4Code

  • Good developers available quickly, for long-term deployment or one-off project support
  • All professionals speak English well and have a master’s degree 
  • You remain in control. Knowledge and expertise is built up in your own dedicated team
  • Work is being carried out in accordance with the specifications you specified processes and reports
  • Flexibility, upscaling but also downscaling
  • Cost savings of 30% or more possible
  • Guidance and advice from the specialists at
      Team4Code. We are your sparring partner throughout collaboration
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