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In the lead thanks to IT innovation

Technologies that develop exponentially instead of linearly and become increasingly intertwined: that is the core of the fourth industrial revolution. Networks, platforms, devices, systems and people are all interconnected, and the distinction between the physical, digital and biological is becoming increasingly blurred. Artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, biotechnology and new production processes together provide rapid disruptive innovations, which also spread rapidly around the world.

For manufacturers, this is both an opportunity and a threat.

By embracing the changes, they benefit from better insight into the most important processes, they realize significant cost savings, shorter production times and they get the ability to offer excellent customer service.
Many years ago, developers of Team4Code focused on working for leading companies in the manufacturing industry. Our developers are happy about working on innovative solutions using new technologies. Your insight into the needs of your markets and our knowledge of the technological possibilities together form a strong combination.

​Team4Code facilitates your Internet of Things innovations

The “Internet of Things” requires an extensive range of new technologies and skills. Many companies in the manufacturing industry try to acquire that knowledge. The market for Internet of Things is still in its infancy, but developments are going fast. Experimenting with technology is therefore of vital importance. Team4Code enables companies to do this in an efficient way.

Thanks to the flexible business model, Team4Code customers have the opportunity to gain experience quickly and at an acceptable cost level. The IT specialists work in dedicated teams that are connected to their own organization. In this way the accumulated knowledge is guaranteed. If the project is successful, you can quickly scale up. Conversely, a project can also be interrupted prematurely, so the costs stop immediately. 

The top 10 emerging IOT technologies are:

  • IoT Security
  • IoT Analytics
  • IoT Device Management
  • Low-Power, Short-Range IoT Networks
  • Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks
  • IoT Processors
  • IoT Operating Systems
  • Event STream Processing
  • IoT Platforms
  • IoT Standards and Ecosystems
Customers that already use software that was made by Team4Code

Smart software developers for manufacturers who conquer the world

Team4Code has specialized in making software developers available for the manufacturing industry. Among our customers are leading manufacturers who manufacture products that are sold and used around the world.

Our customers’ challenges lie in the application of technology for the web, from the website and webshop to Big Data and IoT applications.

Innovation is people work. Software developers build up knowledge when working on new solutions. Not only about the product they make, but also about the industry and the company they work for. This knowledge is valuable.  As the developer gets more experienced, he will be able to add more value. At the same time, the company will also become dependent on this software specialist.

For our customers, quality, flexibility and continuity are just as important as the cost advantage that we can realize for them. That is why our business model is set up in such a way that the customer has access to his own team that he chooses and also manages himself. It is important that the employee feels part of the customer’s company. A dedicated team offers the greatest degree of involvement and therefore continuity.

Some of the technologies we can offer

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