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Technology is changing the way people live, work, buy and recreate. The changes in purchasing behavior in the B2C market are striking. But shifts are also occurring in B2B markets. For example, many companies are confronted with competition from other links within the chain. In addition, digitization ensures that providers can enter the market faster and process a larger geographical area. This leads to increased competition and more price pressure. As a result, it is necessary for companies to continue to innovate and optimize processes. A significant number of companies will even have to adjust the earnings model to remain competitive.

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They are used to very short delivery times at home, a high service level and online ordering convenience. They also demand the same experience from their business suppliers.

The way in which buyers orient themselves is also changing rapidly. In addition to working with existing relationships and looking for suppliers through recommendation, companies mainly search online for new partners. Responding to these developments requires considerable investments in automation, digitization, logistics and personnel.
The application of new innovative technology results in a demand for scarce technical professionals who must prepare all systems for the future.

Team4Code offers its customers the opportunity to put together a dedicated remote team. This combines the advantages of a team of own employees with the flexibility and cost savings that nearshoring can offer. Thanks to our extensive experience with remote working, we can guarantee the quality so that you have an optimal result.

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