In the traditional IT organization, it is the responsibility of the system administrator to make sure than the infrastructure is available. As a result, developers can do their work and users can use their application with disruption. But before the developer can do his job, various applications must be installed. And the release process also include work in both the field of system management and that of software development.

The term DevOps is relatively new and originated from the scrum and agile methodology. DevOps is a combination of ‘development’ and ‘operations’, combining the functions of system administrator and developer. The Devops provides developers with the tools they need and facilitates the release process. He ensures that IT systems and processes run smoothly, seamlessly and are safe. Because the Devops is involved in the development process from the start, he can facilitate this better, the chance of errors is smaller and projects can be completed faster.

Sometimes other tasks are added to the Devops role, for example in the field of testing. Below the main tasks for a Devops engineer:

  • Automation and optimization of software and systems
  • Configuration management
  • Monitoring and running storage platforms
  • Maintenance releases
  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Supporting testers and test automation
  • Solving technical problems
  • Contribute on developing smart IT solutions and processes


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How do you recognize a good Devops engineer?

Like all good technical specialists, a Devops engineer has an inquisitive mindset and is always developing himself and improving his skills. When he talks about technology, it is not the same as talking about work. He has to balance between the interests of the customers/users and those of the development team. There for he needs to have some emphatic skills. It is also recommended that a Devops has experience as a developer and  also has consultative experience. A good Devop is therefore usually an experienced technician.

Good developers have a great interest in innovations in the field of programming languages ​​and related technology. Their interest goes beyond the programming language they happen to be working with at the time. In the same way, this also applies to Devops. They know what important developments are happening in the field of technology and tools and can also advise his stakeholders in this field.

Devops are pre-eminently involved in problem solving. A structured working method is particularly important if these problems are caused by the cooperation of different systems. Being stress resistant and able to communicate well with other stakeholders are therefore important requirements for a Devops engineer.

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