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Software projects are generally speaking hard to estimate. One reason is that although developers sometimes seem to think in 0 and 1 the development process is not a binary process. Sometimes it is difficult to predict how much time it will cost to fix a problem. Another reason is that it is almost impossible to completely specify a solution. And even if you would be able, ideas change over time and so do expectations. Then there are simple solutions, or more luxurious ways to make an application. So yes we probably can make an estimation for your project, but please do not expect a simple answer. But we can tell you that the more we know about your idea, the better our estimation will be. For more complex applications we prefer to make the estimation in your presence.



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“Leertouwer is a system integrator. We are not a traditional company and we did not want a traditional website. We were looking for a local provider that could make our complex service accessible to our customers in a well-organized way. Team4Code thought along well and developed a website that is informative but also ensures conversion and thus contributes to the development of new customer relationships.”

Maarten van den Boom
Communications Manager Leertouwer

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