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Team4Code connects competent IT professionals with companies that exploit custom software. Software that is used to facilitate the operational processes or that functions as a carrier of the services the business offers. The starting point for us is the value that developers add to the company and the involvement they experience as a collaborator/employee.

Due to the scarcity of well-trained and experienced IT specialists, there is a need for the deployment of technicians from abroad. In addition, many companies experience the need for flexibility, as well as the need to control costs.

As companies are highly depending on the IT Solutions they use, they are also depending on the specialists who build the custom software. Regardless of where the makers of the software work, the continuity of the service is crucial. This dependence is a reason for companies to develop software in-house. Team4Code facilitates companies in recruiting and deploying IT specialists. We mainly focus on sourcing from abroad, especially Central and Eastern Europe. We help companies set up Remote
Development Teams. We do this in our own offices, from which specialists work in teams for clients. But we also help recruit foreign technicians for relocation to the client’s country.

Unlike many providers, Team4Code focuses on the relationship between the engineer and the company. We give our customers back control over the team, the knowledge and the costs.

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Last year we decided to build a new website to support our commercial campaigns and to to make our logistic data available for our customers via a webportal. After a pitch we choose Team4Code because their concept best represented our company and their proposal was the most concrete.

International multi-brands car import and export network

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