How do I organize the management when my software is ready?

Too often the development budget is mainly based on the implementation and the costs for maintenance are therefore underestimated. The maintenance phase is not sufficiently addressed. Questions that would be addressed include:

  • Should further development be carried out after delivery? If the software is used and successful, it always leads to new questions and further development.
  • What activities are needed to maintain the application? Think of updates/upgrades and security measures. But integrations and changing application landscapes also lead to management needs.
  • What risks are there in the management phase?
  • What does the continuity of application maintenance depend on?
  • What costs does maintenance entail?

The budget holder sometimes lacks knowledge about software management. It is often difficult enough to get the project budget together, which is why the supplier will not like to start to talk about maintenance costs. Nevertheless, a well thought-out management philosophy can have a major impact on a number of important choices in project design.

One of the choices on which the management philosophy can have a major impact is doing it yourself or outsourcing. When doing it yourself, the costs per development hour are lower than with outsourcing. In order to remain within the budget, it is, therefore, possible to opt for shortcuts that have a negative effect on maintenance costs. If after delivery of the application there is more maintenance work than expected, that work will also be done at the higher outsourced rates. If the application is developed in-house, it can be decided to continue with a limited team after delivery. This has the following advantages:
  • All knowledge remains in-house.
  • There is no dependence on third parties.
  • Hourly management costs are lower, so more can be done for less money.

Especially for larger projects, we advise our customers to implement the project in-house. Team4Code can help you by setting up  a team of smart professionals and we can support you with all aspects of managing the project.

For smaller projects, we can offer a management SLA after delivery, so you are always assured of good support.

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