How to prevent staff turnover and ensure continuity?

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To keep staff turnover as low as possible, it is important that your employees remain intrinsically motivated. We believe that motivated employees benefit from a well-organized work process, involvement with the team and common goals.

Sometimes it seems that developers live in their own world. But don’t be fooled. Developers are social beings who need confirmation. Preferably from colleagues with a lot of knowledge and experience.

The structured execution of code reviews not only increases knowledge sharing and the quality of the solution, but also ensures that developers remain motivated.

Another important aspect is finding the right balance between working on existing projects and developing new challenging applications. Because this balance lies elsewhere for everyone, we pay a lot of attention to the motivations of our specialists. We never take the involvement of our people for granted.

Even for companies that have little staff turnover, it is not feasible (or desirable) to hold everyone. That is why the development process must be organized in such a way that the departure of certain people does not lead to continuity problems.



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