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We select only mature developers that combine the right attitude with a good education and experience. In our company developers have to deserve seniority, they do not simply get there by making hours. This is the way how we select our professionals:

  • They need to have a proper education and at least intermediate English proficiency.
  • The first selection is done by our recruiters, they check the cv and ask questions to understand the motivation of the candidate.
  • If the recruiters think that a candidate is fit for Team4Code they will introduce them to the team. The team will have extensive evaluation, we also have the candidate take a test. Only when there is no doubt within the team the candidate will have a meeting with the company management
  • The management will have a last meeting to get an impression of the attitude and the English language, only than we will introduce the candidate to our customers.
  • We advise customers to come to our office to meet the candidate(s) in person. When you are going to work together (possibly for a long time) it is important that there is a match.



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“We produce industrial egg sorting and packaging machines. We present our products on the website and we use the website to initiate contacts with our B2B audience. Team4Code built our website and that helped us to generate a database of potential customers. Today we are working on the next step, to enrich the database and exploit it.”


Paul Buijs
Product Manager Moba

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