I need to organise the maintenance for my application

Profit is made in the maintenance phase of a project

Developing a new application is one thing, maintaining an existing application is a completely different task.

It is best to organise the maintenance in the initial phase of a project. Then it is still possible to take the maintenance into account while creating the architecture and to ensure that you make good documentation during construction.

Unfortunately, the reality is different. Sometimes a project started well but later it fell in the hands of people who do not mind about clean development and proper documentation. In other cases a project starts very small and grows organically. Then it is possible that there is no good structure and documentation available.

It is important that quality assurance, documentation and knowledge transfer are being ensured in transparent maintenance procedures. It is the management that should pay attention and make sure that only professionals who follow these procedures work on the application.

We can help you with the right specialists to maintain your application. Every maintenance project will start with an intake that will give you an evaluation of the current situation and an expert advice on the maintenance of your application.



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