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Launch of the new website

by | May 1, 2018 | Company News, Uncategorized

From the early start, Team4Code has been working with software developers and visual designers from Ukraine. We have worked with various local companies and business partners to supply us with highly skilled expert professionals. As the hiring of the professionals got a structural character and we needed more involvement with our organisation, in 2017  we decided to start our own company. From October 2017 we have our own nearshoring company in Kiev.

The logical decision was to make the expertise and capacity not only available for our own projects, but also offer these specialists to other companies who are in need of good developers, testers and designers. Therefore we have decided to expand the team with its own sales representative and a brand new website.

At we offer an all new website for our nearshoring activities. The concept of the website was made by our own team. We did not want to make another website where we tell our story from our perspective. Therefore the idea behind the website is that it was made around the questions that our customers have. So we have collected the questions that we know and made the content around them. In the FAQ you can find the complete collection. If your question is not there we invite you to ask your question so that we can answer them personally. And if the question returns we will certainly add them to the FAQ.

Our first analysis of the use of the website shows that the concept works as the bounce rate is very low and the visitors stay for a relatively long time on the website.

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please drop us a line or open the chat on this page.