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Our customers come to Team4Code for dedicated IT professionals who become part of their engineering team and are committed to their business goals. Top talents that contribute to the development of the business and ensure continuity.

The talents who work with us are looking for serious companies,  where they can do meaningful work and develop themselves. Our role is to bring companies and talents together and to contribute to the creation of successful teams. Team4Code facilitates, stimulates and supports these teams. Our model is simple, transparent and scalable. It offers dedicated resources. We are fast, flexible and work at competitive monthly rates.

Our model

We maintain low overhead costs, avoid project risks and spend little money on marketing. We also keep our sales costs low. This allows us to offer our customers a competitive proposition, while at the same time leaving us enough financial space to reward our IT professionals above average. This enables us to compete in the market for highly skilled professionals.


We have different types of partners:

  • Referral partners. These partners get a kick back when they deliver leads to business.
  • Geographical partners who represent Team4Code in a region.
  • Project partners. We do projects together with these partners.

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 ​The benefits when working with Team4Code

Good Advice

Our team has a lot of experience with software development, both for start-ups and for multinationals. Regardless of your wishes or budget, we make time to listen to your idea or problem. You can then count on honest and good advice, even if we cannot help you (ourselves).

Fast results

We work according to the Agile methodology, and we are focused on being able to show results quickly. This can be done by splitting projects into small, clear sections. This reduces the risk of wasting valuable resources to a minimum.

Flexible and efficient

We work with remote teams in our own Eastern European delivery center. This offers you the option of quickly up or downscaling. Our transparent business model offers you the best specialists for a competing price.

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