Pros and cons of dedicated team model in software development for SaaS

The field of information technology is actively developing at a breakneck pace. Classic work models can be inefficient for a startup aiming to produce a high-quality and competitive product. Such fact forces leaders to seek out other forms of collaboration. A dedicated team model can be a great solution for startups and SMEs.

When used correctly, outsourcing software development can be a commercially valuable tool. It can help you expand your company and deliver excellent solutions for a business.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing models for your startup, whether it’s a dedicated team or an outsourced individual coder.


Geographically free access to a wide pool of candidates

One of the most significant advantages of offshore outsourcing is that the talent pool is not limited by geography. You can easily access and choose top tech talent from around the world. Plus find people who share your project’s values and mission. You are not constrained by geographical area when recruiting remote developers, and you can work with top-notch experts.
If you want to work with Team4Code, which has a delivery center in Kyiv, you would have a better chance of building a team faster. Eastern Europe’s tech job market is different to that of the United States or the United Kingdom. In contrast to the crowded markets in these countries, Eastern Europe has more professional developers available locally.

Flexibility and scalability in the team

The client decides how many people he or she would need to build the software from the start. If the development path changes due to unforeseen circumstances, you can easily scale the dedicated team. It is not a challenge for an outsourcing provider to expand or shorten your team in a short period of time.

The transparent and easy pricing model

If you need to handle your finances wisely while staying agile, dedicated teams are ideal. Having a dedicated team is a cost-efficient option. It is possible to create transparent and reasonable budget estimates for your project. Since the overall cost of a dedicated team is a sum of the salaries of each specialist. Hiring a dedicated team is simpler and less expensive. It’s because the vendor hires specialists from other countries with lower wage demands for software engineers. Finding necessary candidates is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation, so it is easier to delegate this task to someone else.

Total dedication to your project

A dedicated team has such a name because they have full dedication to your project and do not have permission to work for someone else. As a result, the team won’t be distracted by other issues. You’ll have a highly focused team working on your project and seeking solutions to your problems. After all, a dedicated team shows involvement and focus right from the start.


Different time zones

If you work in different time zones, you won’t be able to collaborate consistently. Communication can also become more difficult if the company holds meetings too late or too early. As a result, staying in sync needs more effort.

Communication gaps

Lack of communication, which leads to misunderstandings and losing touch with team members, is one of the most common remote team communication challenges. When all of the workers are in different time zones, it’s difficult to schedule meetings. Another issue in this situation is the unclear allocation of duties and responsibilities.

Management challenges

The inability to monitor project progress is one of the most common remote team challenges. It often leads to major issues. In this case, implementing performance monitoring to track each production stage is essential; in this way, the organization would be able to identify errors as soon as possible and mitigate negative outcomes. Project progress trackers will help with the development process.

Different mindset

If you plan to collaborate with developers from other parts of the world, you should expect them to have different attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives on the project. As a result, it’s critical to determine if the employee is aware of the outcomes he or she is expected to achieve. It is preferable to hire developers from countries with a mentality similar to yours.

Hire a dedicated team at Team4Code

Team4Code is a Dutch company provider of outstaffing IT solutions for SMEs and startups. Team4Code has experience in software development for SaaS. Our dedicated teams can fully satisfy your company needs. Team4Code can provide software developers, network engineers and system administrators. Our company facilitates the entire process of hiring and maintaining the team based on a flat fee, including the workplace, local guidance and pay-rolling.