Application & System Management

Application & System Management

We offer application & system management as standard for customers who have an application developed by us. If you have a “team as a service” we will decide in consultation with you whether the application management is invested within the team or that we set up a separate management team. We can also manage an existing application that was built by third parties, in which case we always do an intake first.

We work together with a specialized party for the infrastructure management. Together we provide a safe and reliable environment and if required, we are ready 24 hours a day to ensure the continuity of your application.

Confidentiality and security

Outsourcing the development and management of business-critical software is a strategic decision. Factors such as the confidentiality of information and the security of critical processes play an important role in this decision. We regularly get questions about whether outsourcing to Ukraine is safe.

Two elements are of importance here: the selection of the right people, but also organising the work in a structured way. We work with teams of specialists who check each other’s work, both for the contingency and for safety. Also, when setting up systems, the risks inherent in software development are taken in account, regardless of where it is done.

The question regarding the stability of the country Ukraine has played a number of years ago. These risks are limited in practice and the number of companies that invest in Ukraine has since than increased significantly. In addition, safeguards have been built into our business operations in order to guarantee continuity in all circumstances.

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