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Feasibility study

Do you want to develop software? Or do you want to know if we can build what you need? Do you need a cost estimate for a business case? Team4Code specialists are happy to think along with you.

With a feasibility study we map out what is needed to turn the proposed idea into a practical software solution. You get information about the financial feasibility of your plans, the benefits of the software and the expected maintenance costs. We use the following approach:

We take your request seriously and that is why we always start with a personal introduction. In anticipation of this meeting, we prepare a confidentiality statement or NDA. This gives you the freedom to speak freely so that we can advise you optimally. During the interview we will ask many questions about your idea and the context within it must be realized. We take the time for this first appointment, on average 2 to 3 hours. A few days after the meeting you will receive our summary.

If you have detailed requirements, we can use them to estimate the required budget. Don’t you have requirements yet? Or are you looking for financing? We can also help you by visualizing the idea, making a clickable demo or working out the requirements to the point that a budget can be established on that basis.

Proof of Concept 

To get a good impression of the feasibility, we can also make a “Proof of Concept” (POC). We will then investigate whether it is technically possible to create certain functionality. We usually do that simply by trying. With a POC there is no need to pay attention to issues such as design and user acceptance testing. The aim is to get a quick answer to the question whether a question is technically feasible.


Where a POC maps out whether the development of a product or function is feasible, a prototype provides insight into the way in which it is. A prototype is a representative model of your new product in which the design and applications are visualized. A prototype gives you more insight into the development of the product, provides you with new ideas and confirms which direction to take.

Minimum viable product (MVP) 

Depending on the situation, you can also choose to start developing a minimally workable product. An MVP is the smallest, most minimal, quick-to-create product. Actually a first usable (draft) version. You can use the MVP to test the intended product. Does the concept meet the wishes of your customer or user? This way you avoid wasting a lot of time and money on building something that people don’t want or need. Where a prototype is intended to identify bottlenecks in the development phase, it becomes clear with an MVP what (end) users encounter.

Project methodology

In many cases we recommend the application of agile project methodologies. This way results can be achieved in a fast and effective way. But the best method depends on more factors that we discuss with you during the feasibility study.

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“Our international website and webshop are an important channel for communication and doing business with our customers. Our online presence is also important for our new business activities. The environment was build using PHP code. The last update had been version 5.6. After the recent release of PhP 7.3 our environment was no longer secure. To upgrade all of this was quite a challenge.  Team4Code energetically embarked on this project and made sure that our online environment is safe and reliable again.”

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Leading manufacturer of sorting, packaging and processing equipment in the egg industry

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