Feasibility & Prototyping


You have an idea that can enhance your business and move your company forward. Now you want to know to what extent the idea can be implemented successfully. You are interested in the technical,  operational and economic feasibility. We can help you with the technical and the operational aspects.

With our feasibility study we map out what is needed to turn the proposed idea into a practical software solution. Information such as cost estimation, benefits to the organisation and cost to be incurred on its maintenance are considered during the feasibility study. The objective of the feasibility study is to establish the possibility for developing a software solution that is acceptable to users, adaptable to change and conformable to established standards.

POC, prototyping & minimum viable product (MVP)

Part of the feasibility phase can be a proof of concept (POC) or a prototype. In some cases you might choose to start with the development of a minimum viable product.

The POC is a smaller project to verify a certain technical concept or theory that can be achieved in development. Usability isn’t considered at all when creating a proof of concept because it’s not only time consuming but might interfere with proving that the principle concept is viable, which is the main purpose of a POC.

While a POC shows that a product or feature can be done, a prototype shows how it will be done. A product prototype is a working and interactive model of the product, communicating the design and navigation of the application. A prototype will trigger new ideas and confirm which direction to take with development. With the proper prototype, you can achieve buy-in, attract investors, and begin developing your MVP.

An MVP is a minimal form of your complete product that is tested in the market. This allows you to learn how your users will react to your product, before you waste a lot of money and resources building something they don’t want or need. While a prototype rectifies problems during the beginning stages of development, an MVP’s iterative process is designed to identify users’ pain points when the product is actually tested in the market.

We can help you decide a feasibility strategy, create a distinguished design and implement the technical part.

What our clients tell about us

“We produce industrial egg sorting and packaging machines. We present our products on the website and we use the website to initiate contacts with our B2B audience. Team4Code built our website and that helped us to generate a database of potential customers. Today we are working on the next step, to enrich the database and exploit it.”


Paul Buijs
Product Manager Moba

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