Software Architecture

Software Architecture

A good architecture forms the foundation of your application. That is why it is important to resist the temptation and not to immediately start building functionality. The architecture records, among other things, which technologies are used, describes the relationships and connections between the various elements and actors and offers guidance during the development process.

We make a Systems Requirement Specification (SRS) based on your wishes. This is a structured description of the requirements for the software. A System Design is made based on the SRS, this is the architecture of the application. It defines the scope, describes the general structure of the application and the structural choices that have been made. The database structure, for example, is very difficult to adjust later and must therefore be well thought out. Documenting the software architecture facilitates communication between stakeholders, records high-level design decisions and allows reuse of design components between projects.

New insights gained during the development process and changes in business operations can also lead to changes in software design. In our vision, software architecture is not a static fact that stands in the way of flexibility. On the contrary, it helps to make changes without losing sight of the structure and the end goal. Documenting changes to the architecture during the construction process is an integral part of the development process.

At the start we always involve an architect who is not part of the development team. During the project his role is safeguard the integrity of the software.

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