Software Development

Software Development

Team4Code offers you the opportunity to source the right expertise and the demanded capacity throughout the different stages of the project. We believe that flexibility means both upscaling and downscaling according to your business need.


Throughout the lifecycle of a project your needs will change. We can make the right professionals available for you such as e.g. strategy, UX and UI design, software development, testing, maintenance and project management.

At the beginning of the project the capacity will have to be scaled up, but once the software has been released and the application is delivered, the project will scale back to a maintenance mode. By considering the changing sourcing requirements already at the start of the project, we can optimally serve you. And if the need still changes during the project, we are the flexible partner who will respond to your needs and who is always one step ahead.

Your own Agile team

Our primary offer is a development team as a service. Although this team will work in our office, they will work exclusively for you. They will manifest themselves as a part of your operation and share a common goal with you. We can also provide individuals for development of smaller projects, support and maintenance – in this case the professionals will also work for other customers. The introduction of the new team usually starts with an on-boarding period on the client’s location and typically takes between 2-3 weeks. This period is for building a relationship and get better understanding of the IT- and business environment.

When the team works remotely contact is maintained by using video conferencing, via version control and issue management software. Our experience is that the initial face-to-face introduction is crucial for the success of the remote service. We encourage regular contact by visits from team members to the client and vice versa.

Technology independent

Team4Code supports a collection of technology stacks. For maintenance reasons we try to service all customers with these technologies and are cautious with adding new tools. If a different technology is required for your specific situation, we will discuss this with you. As soon as we apply a technology, it will be added to the library of technologies to be used.

Quality & reliability throughout the lifecycle

Developers who work on an application for a long time build up knowledge that makes you dependent on them. But developers eventually move on and if you do not take any measures, one day you will have a continuity problem. This applies regardless of where the development work is done. Our engineering culture prevents this scenario: during code reviews we favour explicit over implicit and our work is always complemented by accurate and up-to-date documentation. Furthermore we have a quality assurance system in place. Above all, our methods are transparent so that you have insight and remain in control. These measures do go with a price tag but over time they will result in better and stable applications that cost less to maintain.

Programming is breaking of one big impossible task into several very small possible tasks

– Jazzwant

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What our clients tell about us

“Leertouwer is a system integrator. We are not a traditional company and we did not want a traditional website. We were looking for a local provider that could make our complex service accessible to our customers in a well-organized way. Team4Code thought along well and developed a website that is informative but also ensures conversion and thus contributes to the development of new customer relationships.”

Maarten van den Boom
Communications Manager Leertouwer

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