Software Development

Software Development

With Team4Code you always have the right expertise and desired capacity within reach during the various phases of your project. We believe that flexibility means both upscaling and downscaling, depending on what your company needs.


During the life cycle of a software product your needs will change. With us you will find the right professionals for the realization of your project. We can help you with all conceivable IT services such as architecture, UX and UI design, software development, testing, maintenance and project management.

At the start of a project the capacity will be higher, but when the software is ready and the application is delivered, the project will return to maintenance mode. By taking this changing need for capacity into account at the start of the project, we can offer an optimum service to you. And if your wishes still change during the project, we are a flexible partner that responds directly to your needs and always thinks ahead.

Your own Agile team

Our primary offering is a development team as a service. Allthough this team will work from our office, they will be exclusively available to you. They will manifest themselves as part of your business operations and share a common goal with your own employees. We can also organize relocation or make individual employees available for smaller projects, support and maintenance. In this last case, these professionals will also work for other customers. The introduction of a new team usually starts with an onboarding period at the customer’s location and takes 2 to 4 weeks. This period is intended to build a relationship and gain a better understanding of the IT and business environment.

When the team is working remotely, name contact is maintained through video conferencing and issue management software. Our experience is that the first face-to-face introduction is essential for the success of the remote service. We encourage you to make regular visits to your team and invite team members to visit your site. Our HR staff at the delivery location also facilitate communication between you and your team.

Technology independent

Team4Code supports various technologies. For maintenance reasons we try to apply the same technologies for all our customers and we are careful with adding new technology. If your specific situation requires a different technique, we will discuss this with you. When we decide to add a specific technology, this will be added to our library of technologies to be used.

Quality & reliability throughout the entire lifecycle

Developers who work on an application for a long time gather knowledge that makes you dependent on them. But in the end they can decide to leave the company. If you have not taken any measures in advance, this may cause a continuity problem.
Our engineering culture prevents this scenario: during code reviews, we prefer explicitly instead of implicitly, and we document our work accurately. Our quality assurance system guarantees consistent quality. Above all, our methods are transparent, so that you have insight and retain control. These measures do have a price tag, but they result in better and stable applications that require less maintenance costs. As a result, they ultimately earn you money.

Programming is breaking of one big impossible task into several very small possible tasks

– Jazzwant

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“We are a system integrator. We are not a traditional company and we did not want a traditional website. We were looking for a local provider that could make our complex service accessible to our customers in a well-organized way. Team4Code thought along well and developed a website that is informative but also ensures conversion and thus contributes to the development of new customer relationships.”

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System integrator in electrical engineering, climate installations and ICT

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