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“Do you have an Angular developer available?”

You may recognize this kind of question from your practice. When searching for a software developer often the focus is on experience with a specific programming language. Customers are looking for someone who can quickly fill an empty space in a team and immediately start working. Although the question is understandable, we prefer to turn it around: “Do we have a good developer available who can do Angular ?“

A software developer is someone who develops, writes, implements, tests, improves and maintains software. He solves problems for the client and ensures that users have a working application available. In order to do that, he must be able to put himself into the users position. He must understand what they need to be able to help them properly. In an ever changing world developers must constantly keep abreast of the latest technologies . Therefore, they must continuously learn. You can recognize good developers as they are always trying to improve their own skills . But not only problem solving skills and a curious mind are important. Decisive for success are also flexibility, attention to detail and the ability to work in a team.

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How do you manage a remote team of developers ?

Highly trained employees are more effective when it is clear how their work contributes to a common goal. When employees have more control over the way they perform their work, this leads to greater motivation and higher productivity. Researchers think this is because employees who are allowed to organize their own work have a greater sense of responsibility for the quality of their activities. Our long experience with working with technical specialists shows that they especially want to be appreciated for the solutions they have devised and implemented. The work must therefore be organized in such a way that technicians are given sufficient responsibility and autonomy to do their work. To make this possible, it is important to share the same goals and values with each other.

In traditional organizations, employees are judged for sitting at a desk for 8 hours.
Working remotely means letting go of control and not judging people on input, but on output.
Judging on output is a lot more difficult, so managers have to make a switch in this. This involves the need for trust from the manager to the employee. Remote micromanaging removes all the benefits and causes inefficiencies. So short (!) daily standups help to motivate the team and support their needs  and weekly updates are necessary to manage on output.

At Team4Code we believe in the importance of good involvement between the client and the developers . They should form a team that wants to achieve common goals together. The role of Team4Code is to optimally facilitate these teams.

Programming is breaking of one big impossible task into several very small possible tasks

– Jazzwant

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“Our international website and webshop are an important channel for communication and doing business with our customers. Our online presence is also important for our new business activities. The environment was build using PHP code. The last update had been version 5.6. After the recent release of PhP 7.3 our environment was no longer secure. To upgrade all of this was quite a challenge.  Team4Code energetically embarked on this project and made sure that our online environment is safe and reliable again.”

Product Manager
Leading manufacturer of sorting, packaging and processing equipment in the egg industry

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