First thing first, you don’t deserve seniors if you don’t want to recruit junior professionals.

Being a junior is difficult. Most employers prefer to hire skilled developers or those who can execute tasks without preparation. Even for startups, it makes no sense to employ anyone at a lower rate if they are incapable of handling the job.

Developers are in high demand right now. As a result, the cost of recruiting someone with substantial software development expertise rises. It’s tough to find qualified specialists. Senior developers with a lot of experience usually have a lot of high-paying job offers. In a highly competitive market, startups and small businesses must attract the talent they want. Junior developers become more appealing as a result of these factors.

Many businesses don’t even need the best engineers. In most cases, companies only need developers who can handle jobs of moderate complexity.

Junior specialists will usually provide you with more benefits and profits. This is due to the fact that they have fewer options in the labor market and work their hardest to produce positive outcomes. In the meantime, experienced developers are less concerned about the outcome. They almost always have a backup proposal from another organization.

Let’s go over the top three reasons to recruit a junior developer.

1. Optimism

Junior developers typically possess the following characteristics: a willingness to grow and learn (particularly from their mistakes), energy and dedication, and the ability to take criticism. Younger developers have a number of distinct characteristics that their more mature peers have lost. The biggest one, though, is naive optimism. The juniors’ lack of experience, could be their most valuable asset.

A junior developer may normally build a design or prototype without adding the prejudices that senior developers have built up over time. Junior often undertakes such type of work, experimenting with new methods and technology, rearranging items in new ways, and proving concepts that everyone else appreciated far too easily. As a result, they often discover new ways to design, and the company’s software has improved greatly.

Many businesses would be able to gather a group of senior developers in one room and allow them to reach an agreement about how to solve problems and build new products. However, introducing a few junior developers to the team, whose time you can afford to waste on one-off projects and crazy ideas, will boost your products in unexpected ways.

2. Flexibility

Each business has its own set of procedures and standards to stick to. It may be difficult to persuade a skilled developer to change his approach – for example, to implement new code review methods. The truth is that code, regardless of which programming language you specialize in, can be unpredictable. As a developer, you must be able to switch contexts or the scale of a project at any time, and then return to where you left off. Junior developers can easily do it because they have an uncluttered mind.

Young engineers also are able to adjust and react to problems when they occur (which are almost always unpredictable and time-sensitive). Since the tech industry can be chaotic, it’s critical to be able to adapt to changing business or product needs.

3. Lesser cost

One junior and one senior developer is usually equal to two senior developers and costs less than 75% of the overall cost. This junior and senior pair should be the fundamental molecule of your company if your target is full efficiency at the lowest expense.

The compensation for a senior developer is double that of a junior developer. Most often, the price is justified. Developers in their senior years are predicted to be more efficient than those in their younger years.

However, not all projects necessarily involve years of programming experience to complete. Each software contains “glue code”, which connects the various inputs and outputs in the traditional manner. It makes no difference who writes it. You may pay someone $ 30 an hour or $ 60 an hour for this type of job, and the end result would be similar. You pay more for entry-level work if you just employ senior developers.

Don’t forget to invest in a young talent

If you’re launching a product and have trouble finding people to work on it, hiring a junior developer could be a better option. As long as you train and prepare him/her for your company’s goals and requirements.

Also, when you employ a junior developer, you must spend time and money educating him or her. Hiring a junior developer with no experience and placing them in a tech support role or another position is wrong. A position in which they are unable to learn goes against the idea of hiring a junior developer.

Some of the best businesses invest in their employees by sending them to developer conferences, as well as allowing them to work on personal projects.

You should not invest your money if you and your company are unable to teach a young developer. Let alone train them in the skills required to lift the standard of hiring a junior developer. It makes sense to pay for a more experienced programmer in this situation. However, if you’re willing to work with juniors, you’ll be able to train only the programmers you want to work with – and for less money. This is a major win for your organization. A positive attitude toward junior developers is a key indicator of a high-quality environment for developers of all levels.

How to adapt Junior to your company?

You must know how to use your junior developer efficiently and how to help him/her improve skills smoothly right from the start. Depending on your team’s workflow, there are many options. Any junior developer, for example, may work with an experienced developer. Beyond teaching junior developers, pair programming is an essential part of the company’s workflow. As a result of such activity, developers efficiency rises and the number of errors found falls.

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